Declaration of Competence

The Declaration of Competence (DoC) system has been developed to support pharmacists in assuring commissioners that they are service-ready, and have the appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours to deliver high quality, consistent services.

In the past community pharmacists had to attend certain CPPE training events (chosen by individual commissioners) to be able to become accredited to provide commissioned services.  Paper copies of the attendance certificates had then to the sent to the ‘PCT’.

Now, the new DoC will enable pharmacists to complete any related healthcare/service training (and not just that supplied by CPPE) which they feel will equip them with the relevant skills, behaviours and knowledge to provide an excellent service to patient and the public.  Details of these training events will need to be added to the pharmacists personal DoC providing evidence of their competence for a particular service which they deliver.

The DoC system is hosted by CPPE and all workshop events, e-assessments and CPPE training is directed linked to their own personal training record, which pharmacists can add to their personal DoC evidence.  As mentioned above, other training providers will need to have their details added manually.

At the moment, Lincolnshire has signed up for DoC for the following commissioned services:

  • Provision of Emergency Contraception, and
  • Provision of treatment for Chlamydia

Commissioners (for example, Lincolnshire County Council) will be able to view pharmacists’ DoC online, if permission is granted by the pharmacist- thus eradicating the need to send paper copies.

Demonstrating that you are developing your consultation skills and working towards the Practice standards for pharmacy consultations is a core competence within DoC.

For further information about the Declaration of Competence, please click on the link for the factsheet from CPPE.

Further information can be found on the DoC, by clicking here.