Chirag Ahir

Chirag Ahir

Independent Representative: Tritton Road Pharmacy – Lincoln

I have been representing independent community pharmacy contractors in Lincolnshire LPC since 2015 and I thoroughly enjoy my role in representing the sector locally.

I originally completed my BPharm from Bangalore, India in 2005 before coming to UK to complete my pharmacist registration in 2008 following successful completion of Overseas Pharmacist Assessment Programme through PGCert OSPAP course and pre registration training in community pharmacy in the UK.   I have mainly worked and developed myself in community pharmacy sector since my registration as a pharmacist. I started off my community pharmacy career with developing a small team and branch for one of the multiples in Lincoln.

As my career progressed, I decided to explore working in different settings within the community pharmacy sector through freelance work for different contractors. This presented me with many learning opportunities for my learning as each day was a unique learning experience. This also allowed me to understand different aspects of the business and service provisions in different areas of the Lincolnshire. Community Pharmacy is my real passion and I enjoy person to person interactions and how they can be so unique from one day to the other.  In 2013, I decided to become an independent contractor and challenge myself on developing a successful business using my experience and passion for the community pharmacy. This required me to play multidisciplinary role including working as a Superintendent Pharmacist within the same organisation which has provided me with an immense amount of learning opportunities.

In my leisure time, I mainly enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also relish anything about cricket from playing to talking that allegedly seem to last forever! I also enjoy the challenges working in independent sector brings to the community pharmacy and thoroughly enjoy developing businesses.


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