COVID-19 Vaccinations for Pharmacy Staff

Updated 09/02/2021

We’re aware that Many frontline healthcare workers, inlcuding pharmacy staff have already received their first dose of the vaccine. This may have been through the use of ‘spare vaccines’ at the end of the day, or through invites from the PCN Local Vaccinations Service (see below).

However, we know that some pharmacies have not yet received their invites, have colleagues who were unable to attend when invited, or have new starters who require vaccination.

Community Pharmacy Lincolnshire has agreed a simple process for capturing this information, with agreement of Lincolnshire STP, to facilitate staff yet to receive vaccines doing so.

For staff yet to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

If you have staff who still require their COVID-19 vaccinations, please complete the following form, which captures your pharmacy details and the number of colleagues requiring their vaccinations:

Responses from the form will be collated weekly on a Thursday and shared with the system, to faciliate inivtes being sent. Please complete the form only once.

Remember, this is for those still awaiting their first dose; it is not to be used for those awaiting their second dose; this process will be managed by each PCNs LVS.

For more information on COVID-19 vaccinations for pahrmacy staff, please see the PSNC webpage.

Updated 19/01/2021

Following the letter sent to pharmacies yesterday from the regional NHSE&I team , the Lincolnshire Vaccination Cell is happy to confirm the process for pharmacy staff to access a COVID-19 vaccination in Lincolnshire.

The vaccinations for all primary care staff, including your staff groups, will be managed and delivered through the PCN Local Vaccinations Service (LVS).

Each PCN in Lincolnshire has a vaccination centre where your staff members will be invited to attend. This will be within the PCN footprint in which they work and not where they live.

Each PCN will choose one of the two following booking processes to adopt, depending on a their delivery model, so this will be dependent upon the location in which you work:

  • Option 1:  Each PCN, using the Simply Book system, will circulate a link in an email to each practice/business in their footprint similar to that used in Derby. The link can then be shared with each staff member of that business to access and book their own appointment on a first come/first serve basis. Further batches of appointments on additional links will then be shared until all staff have had the opportunity to book a vaccination in their PCN.
  • Option 2: PCNs will receive a list of pharmacies by locality and they are responsible for contacting these and booking staff into clinic slots.  This could be done on an individual basis with details provided in advance or by block booking of clinic slots given to those pharmacies.

Your pharmacy will be contacted on behalf of your PCN to invite staff to book a vaccination by one of the processes above. Please do not to contact the practice or PCN directly as they are dealing with huge volumes of demand during this unprecedented time.

It is also critically important that you do not share any booking links outside of your pharmacy team. The booking approaches described above are for patient-facing pharmacy staff (including locums and pharmacy delivery drivers) only.

Please be aware of the constraints of GDPR and the responsible management of your team’s personal information in line with current regulation & legislation. It is for this reason that systems will not be collating a list of individuals working within community pharmacy to provide to the PCNs.

We’re also aware that many of you have already had your vaccination, as vaccination hubs have been contacting pharmacies with short notice to ensure that vaccines and vaccine slots are used effectively. We thank you for your flexibility with this!