PCN Community Pharmacy Leads

Community Pharmacy Lincolnshire support contractors with PCN community pharmacy lead nominations.

The table below details PCN leads for the county. These details may be used to support Pharmacy Quality Scheme claims.

PCN Lead Name Base Pharmacy ODS Code Contact Email
Apex Debbie Skelton Lincoln Co-Op Chemist, Birchwood FEC14  debbie.skelton1@nhs.net
Boston Tom Ruck Lincoln Co-Op Chemist, Parkside, Boston FP299 tom.ruck@nhs.net
East Lindsey VACANCY
First Coastal Tracey Bourke Boots the Chemists Ltd 58-64 Lumley Road, Skegness FFR51 t.bourke@nhs.net
Four Counties VACANCY
Grantham and Rural Chris Kenny c/o Lincoln Co-Op Chemist, BarrowbyGate, Grantham FP637 chris.kenny@nhs.net
IMP Jeff Law Lincoln Co-Op Chemist, Cabourne FRG73 jeff.law@nhs.net
K2 Healthcare Sleaford Diane Gallon Lincoln Co-Op Chemist, Ruskington FD243 d.gallon@nhs.net
Lincoln City South Healthcare Nicole Murdock Lincoln Co-Op Chemist, Branston FL784 nicole.murdock@nhs.net
Lincoln Health Partnership (formerly Marina) Chirag Ahir Tritton Road Pharmacy, Lincoln (Inside Morrisons) FCM80 c.ahir@nhs.net
Market Deeping and Spalding Margaret Brown Boots the Chemists Ltd 11-14 Hall Place  Spalding FGR00 margaret.x.brown@boots.com
Meridian VACANCY
Solas Darren Hawkins c/o Lincoln Co-op Chemists Ltd 7 High Street Spilsby FKG76 dhawkins@lincolnshire.coop
South Lincolnshire Rural Marc Brooks c/o Lincolnshire Co-op, 5 Proctors Road, Lincoln FJX51 marc.brooks@lincolnshire.coop
Trent Care Network Glen Wilson Lincoln Co-Op Chemist, Market Street, Gainsborough FQ149 glen.wilson1@nhs.net


Memorandum of Understanding

PCN leads, once agreed will be asked to complete a Memorandum of Understanding. This document is not a contract, but agrees some of the roles and responsibilities for PCN leads, and how Community Pharmacy Lincolnshire will support them.