Extended Care Services: Tier 1 Acute Bacterial Conjunctivitis Service (Withdrawn March 2021)

Updated 27/03/2021

Acute Bacterial Conjunctivitis Tier 1 Service: withdrawn on 22nd March 2021

URGENT – Cessation of Antibacterial Conjunctivitis Service 22nd March 2021

It has been brought to our attention that the SPC for Chloramphenicol eye drops has been updated and now includes a contra-indication for use in children under 2 years. The SPC states the following:

Paediatric population

This medicinal product must not be given to a child less than 2 years old as it contains boron and may impair fertility in the future.

Chloramphenicol eye ointment is also now contra-indicated for use in children under 2 years.

As a result, the service for the treatment of Antibacterial Conjunctivitis in children under 2 years via PGD has been removed with immediate effect. The module within PharmOutcomes has been disabled so no further entries can be made.

We are aware the consultations may have been undertaken within the 48 hours prior to the service being withdrawn that may not yet have been uploaded onto the system; the NHSE&I regional team have sent seperate communications to provide information on how these are to be dealt with.

Other stakeholders such as GP practices, CCGs and NHS111 have been notified of the cessation of the service by the NHSE&I Regional Team.