Interpretation and Translation Services

Access to free interpretation/translation services

Updated 7/12/2022 (from June 2022 newsletter)
We have been working with the ICS to ensure equity of access to translation services across all areas of primary care.  We have been advised that to set up access to free interpretation services pharmacies would need to do the following:

There is currently a new process for the Interpreter Services through Language Line which requires each organisation to have their own unique ID codes.

A community pharmacy would need to send an email to the email address below requesting their unique ID code and once this has been issued they will then contact Language Line directly to make or cancel any bookings for telephone or video link services.

Primary Care Commissioning Team – Pharmacy

To ensure that the correct code is issued to the right community pharmacy, you need to confirm your full name and address in your email request.  The team will then issue a unique ID code to the pharmacy and guidance on how to use the service.

For those pharmacies that already hold a code to access the translation services, we have been advised that the access codes for verbal and non-verbal translation Translation Services have recently changed; these changes affect the whole East Midlands area (Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland). If you encounter issues accessing Translation Services, again, please contact the Primary Care Commissioning Team at

Any queries relating to the service should also be directed to the Primary Care Commissioning Team – Pharmacy at the email shown.