Palliative Single Point of Access

The pSPA is taking an increasing number of general palliative enquiries from patients. This is delaying response to urgent and unplanned advice and support.

We have been asked to share with you the update below and ask you to display the attached poster accessible below on your pharmacy noticeboard, in response to escalating call volumes to palliative single point of access [pSPA]:

Palliative Single Point of Access reminder


About pSPA

What it is – a simplified single phone number for patients or their carers  to access advice and support for urgent unplanned nursing care and support.  This may include un-managed symptoms, distressing unexpected escalation or deterioration in condition or need for urgent advice and support.

What it is not -Unfortunately the service is being used increasingly for general enquiries – requests to drop off supplies, chat about considering a catheter, or general communication intended for community nurse key workers.  This is delaying response time to those urgent calls.

Please can you ensure pharmacy staff advise patients to use only for urgent unplanned care, advice, and support.

  • Proactive palliative assessment and care remains a valued role of the community nurse teams.
  • General communication between the patient and the community nurse team should continue via the locally agreed usual ways.
  • The green card does not replace this.