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Marisco Medical Practice
Hawthorn Medical Practice


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PCN Community Pharmacy Lead Pharmacy ODS Code
Contact email
Tracey Bourke Boots the Chemists Ltd 58-64 Lumley Road  Skegness FFR51

The following pharmacies are members of this PCN (please note that pharmacies may choose to align with an alternative PCN; if any details are incorrect please email


Community Pharmacies
Wilcare Co Ltd The Esplanade  Chapel St Leonards (FV809)
Beacon Pharmacy Skegness Road  Ingoldmells (FAL19)
Wilcare Co Ltd High Street  Ingoldmells (FK184)
Marisco Pharmacy, Stanley Avenue  Mablethorpe (FGJ83)
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 29 High Street  Mablethorpe (FMQ05)
Rowlands Pharmacy 8 Hawthorn Road  Skegness (FA306)
Boots the Chemists Ltd Health Centre Churchill Ave Skegness (FER87)
Boots the Chemists Ltd 58-64 Lumley Road  Skegness (FFR51)
Morrisons Pharmacy Wainfleet Road  Skegness (FJQ49)
Whitworth Chemists Ltd 13-15 Lumley Road  Skegness (FQP80)
Pharmacy Wise 23 High Street  Sutton on Sea (FKN04)
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 11 High Street  Sutton on Sea (FH064)
Wainfleet Pharmacy 3 High Street  Wainfleet (FCW02)