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For details of Primary Care Network Clinical Directors, Locality Leads and PCN Managers, along with links to GP Practice specific information, please see the relevant PCN page managed by Lincolnshire Primary Care Network Alliance that can be accessed here:

Please note the PCN Community Pharmacy Lead posts are no longer funded so are not active at present

PCN Community Pharmacy Lead Pharmacy ODS Code
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The following pharmacies are members of this PCN (please note that pharmacies may choose to align with an alternative PCN; if any details are incorrect, please email

Community Pharmacies
Boston Pharmacare Ltd South Square  Boston (FER94)
Lincoln Co-op Chemists Ltd 8 Liquorpond Street  Boston (FHX31)
Asda Pharmacy Sleaford Road  Boston (FK029)
Qualipharm Ltd Boston West Business Park Sleaford Road Boston (FMQ89)
Lincoln Co-op Chemists Ltd Parkside Pharmacy Tawney Street Boston (FP299)
Ask Chemist 13 Forbes Road  Boston (FKF52)
Boots the Chemists Ltd 26 Market Place  Boston (FYJ76)
Lincoln Co-op Chemists Ltd 27 Market Place  Donington (FH728)
Lincoln Co-op Chemists Ltd Boston Road  Kirton (FEE74)
Lincoln Co-op Chemists Ltd Former Chapel Lodge High Street Swineshead (FAX22)