Unplanned Pharmacy Closures

Updated 09/07/2021

If you are unable to provide pharmaceutical services, for any reason, you must ensure that your Unplanned Closure procedure is followed, and that the regional NHSE&I team is notified of any time the pharmacy is closed. This may include situations such as fire, flood, electrical failure, building safety issues or sickness of the responsible pharmacist.

You should include details of

  • When the pharmacy was or is closed
  • The reasons for closure
  • When the pharmacy did, or is likely to be able to reopen
  • Actions taken to manage patient need (such as uncollected prescriptions, substance dependency clients etc.)

At the current time, the correct process to follow is dependent upon the reason for the closure:

Non-covid temporary closures

For example a temporary suspension of operational hours due to a flood at the pharmacy premises, delays in arrival of the reponsible pharmacist etc.

Action: email the East Midlands Pharmacy Team at england.eastmidspharmacy@nhs.net with the details above. Please also copy in info@pharmacylincolnshire.org so that we can support you.

Covid related temporary closures

For example multiple cases requiring isolation, Covid related illness of the responsible pharmacist etc.

Action: complete notifcation via the Microsoft Form link below:


In either situation, if the pharmacy has been (or will be) closed for longer than 24 hours, please contact the Primary Care Team at the above email address as a matter of urgency, and provide a contactable telephone number so that they can contact you to advise accordingly on next steps.

PLEASE NOTE:  the guidance above is relevant for closures at any time (including unavoidable delayed opening or early closure).
Failure to open and failure to report a closure are breaches of the Pharmaceutical Services Regulations, which may result in NHS England and NHS Improvement taking contractual action in line with the attached Performance Management process.