Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service

The National Advanced Service for Seasonal Influenza Vaccination is available to all contractors that are successfully delivering their essential services.

The Service Specification and PGD for the current 2020-21 season can be accessed at 

Key changes negotiated by PSNC for Comunity Pharmacy for the 2020-21 season include:


  • Flexibilities to help contractors to offer the service in a COVID-safe way, allowing for vaccinations off-site and outside the consultation room
  • Permission for pharmacies to offer flu vaccinations to care home staff at their place of work
  • Administrative improvements including a new verbal consent model

Further details and the latest information can be found at  and


2020-21 National Flu Letters

The latest information can be found at

For each flu season:

Contractors need to ensure that they have completed the following steps before they commence flu vaccination under this service:

For each Pharmacist delivering the service:

  1. Review the Declaration of Competency Assessment for Vaccinations on the CPPE website, if appropriate (see below)
  2. Print off, complete, sign and date the Declaration of Competency, ensuring you complete the box “Learning and assessment completed from other providers” with the details of the non-CPPE training you have used to achieve competence.
  3. Keep a copy for your records and submit a copy to each pharmacy premises where you will provide the service.
  4. Ensure that they have (and retain for their records) a completed and signed authorisation page (page 15) of the PGD for each organisation they are delivering the service for.
On 14 April 2020, NHS England and NHS Improvement issued a statement concerning amendments to the training requirements and resources in preparation for the September 2020 flu vaccination service.

This includes information on face-to-face training, online training and the annual online refresher training. This information supersedes the training requirements in this Declaration of Competence (DoC) framework. Please refer to this updated information before you start to work through this DoC framework and apply it when renewing your DoC statement.

For full details, please refer to the COVID-19 update (April 2020) on the PSNC website:

For each pharmacy premises, the contractor must ensure:

  1. There is a copy of the PGD that has been signed by someone authorised to do so on behalf of the pharmacy.
  2. There is a completed Practitioner authorisation sheet 2020-21 (MS Word Version) detailing who will be providing the service at the premises (these documents are extracts from the current PGD)
  3. There is a copy of each pharmacist’s Declaration of Competence
  4. The declaration form on the NHSBSA’s website has been completed for each premises.
  5. They complete and sign the authorisation page (page 16) of the PGD for each pharmacist who is delivering the service in their organisation (not each site).

For each vaccination, the pharmacy must ensure:

  1. The patient meets the eligibility requirements (see also the current ‘flu letters’ above)
  2. The patient is given a copy of the manufacturer’s patient information leaflet for the vaccine
  3. Signed patient consent is obtained and recorded
  4. The patient questionnaire is completed post-vaccination
  5. The patient’s GP is notified on the same day as the vaccination (or the following day if this is not possible).
    Due to the potential for COVID-19 vaccination and gaps which may be required between receiving a flu vaccination and any COVID-19 vaccination, prompt notifcation of administration of a flu vaccine is critical.
    The Midlands NHSE&I Team are in the process of finalising funding for the appropriate PharmOutcomes licence to enable this to be done electronically, integrating with GP systems and reducing administration.
  6. An entry in the POM register (be it paper or electronic) is made for each supply.

At the end of the month, the pharmacy must ensure:

  1. Completed patient questionnaires are submitted to the NHSBSA in the month end parcel
  2. Appropriate claims are submitted for payment

Training Providers