Emergency Hormonal Contraception Contractors: Levonorgestrel PGD expired


For those contractors who are signed up with Lincolnshire County Council to provide Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) please note:

We’ve been made aware, by one of our pharmacy contractors, that the EHC contract for supply from community pharmacies has been extended until 31st March 2024. However, the PGD for this service that contractors have expired on 28th February and so pharmacies can no longer make provision of levonorgestrel EHC as part of this service.

We are attempting to find out from Lincolnshire County Council when the new PGD is being issued. Contractors should be aware that, as this is the legal framework for the supply, the PGD cannot be extended alongside the contract and a new one with different dates would need to be issued. To our knowledge this has not yet been done.

We will continue to press LCC for a response and keep you informed.