Summary Care Records

NHS Digital have made available the “business as usual” process for activating and amending Summary Care Records and smart card roles associated with SCR now the implementation phase has ended.

To implement and use SCR you need a user (pharmacist or registered technician) and a SCR Governance person (SGP) who each have smartcards with SCR access on them.
Does your user have a smart card? Contact your sponsor or local RA (Registration Authority) for help Does your SGP have a smartcard?
 Check smartcard is working and unlocked  Check smartcard is working and unlocked
Complete the online CPPE training Complete the SGP online training on NHS Digital’s website
You now need to request the SCR role for your smartcard Complete this NHS Digital online form to request the appropriate role based access codes (RBACs) for your smartcard You now need to request the SGP role for your smartcard
Implement SOPs covering SCR use and SGP monitoring tasks
Complete the Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) online
Check SCR works with your system Consult your PMR supplier for more assistance.
SGP – start routine monitoring of SCR access
Congratulations! you have now successfully implemented Summary Care Records.


The process is as follows:

The flowchart above has clickable like through to the individual elements.  Alternatively read the guidance on the NHS Digital website.


There is separate, specific guidance for locums on the NHS Digital website.

Summary Care Records and Quality Payments

NHS Digital have produced a one-pager with specific reference to SCR quality points.

Click the link below to view the details:

quality-points-1-pager-v0-6 pdf

Full details on SCR – Quality points can be found on the PSNC website, Click here