Chris Kenny (Treasurer)

Chris Kenny, MPharm, MRPharmS, PGCert, PhIP.

AIM Representative: Lincolnshire Co-Op. LPC Treasurer

I am currently the Superintendent Pharmacist of Lincolnshire Co-op. We have 49 Pharmacies across Lincolnshire, Norfolk, East Yorkshire and North Yorkshire. I represent Community Pharmacy Lincolnshire as an Association of Independent Multiples (AIMp) member, and I am both a member of the Executive Committee and am employed by the committee as the Treasurer.

I have a wide range of experience in Pharmacy, having been a Superintendent Pharmacist twice before for independent Pharmacies, and worked at a number of different groups, ranging from small regional multiples to large organisations such as Asda and Boots. I am currently working towards a Masters of Science in Clinical Leadership, Education and Research at De Montfort University.

As an independent prescriber specialising in Palliative Care, I have worked as a prescribing Pharmacist in a GP Practice on a sessional basis reviewing patients and reconciling hospital discharges, to ensure that patients coming out of hospital have a workable, evidence-based and understandable care plan in place between the multidisciplinary healthcare community. Having previously worked as an Oncology Pharmacist at a hospital trust, I have also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Pharmacy.

I am passionate about helping the profession of Pharmacy be upskilled to meet the changing demands of a modern NHS, and really enjoy supporting our local universities in the development of undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacists, by supporting modules such as Professional Practice, the Business of Pharmacy and supporting the examination of Pharmacists working towards their Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing.

As a Superintendent Pharmacist, I thoroughly enjoy regulatory matters and bring a broad range of skills to the committee, to provide ongoing support to our contractors in Lincolnshire, irrespective of our employing organisations. I particularly enjoy ‘control of entry’ challenges that occasionally present themselves to community pharmacy Lincolnshire.

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